Sorcha Miller (also known as Sara Vetro). Perpetual student (literally and seriously). She is now in the process of finishing an MA in investigative journalism at City University London.  She is a news and politics junkie and occasional insomniac (and likes talking about herself in the third person). She worked as a television and print journalist, in another life (check out her old stuff here and here). Liked it a lot, but things change, people go crazy and she did, too. She wanted more. She wanted to be better, learn, experience and stuff and the road was calling her name (indeed, this latter sentence is scandalously clichéd and this text could use a good edit). Anyway, she (lost her mind and) moved to London to become a journalist again, this time in a different country and in a different language. Have not succeeded – yet (and she often cries into her pillow at night). She did a journalism BA at Birkbeck, University of London and realised she liked digging and research very much thus her choice of masters. She is now working, after some hair-raising twist and turns and realisations on becoming a documentary camera director and producer.

Earlier in life she studied English literature and linguistics at university, was an English as a Second Language teacher for a decade. She lived all over (New York, Los Angeles, Budapest, London etc.) She also worked as a research assistant to a scriptwriter, as a hostess, waiter and baby sitter, dog walker, translator, coat check girl, cleaner in New York and film assistant director in Budapest (etc).

She is  obsessed with stories and people and likes pictures, too – moving or still. More specifically in need of “the big break”, a new job, a new life, a new dawn, more coffee – but mainly her mother and lots of sleep. That, and/or a brain transplant.

This site is for projects: personal, journalistic, television, video etc – she is very open to suggestions, ideas, job offers etc. Contact: saravetro@gmail.com


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