Another life

I did a journalism diploma course in Budapest, Hungary and became a freelance journalist. First I was an intern on Népszabadság (biggest selling broadsheet in Hungary at the time) for 4 months in spring/summer 2005. When the internship was up I became a freelance, first for Népszabadság – I wrote about higher education, mainly. Few of the articles I wrote then are still available online (in Hungarian, sorry – see link). Eventually I started writing reports and features for other publications as well, mainly for women’s glossies. I hope to translate a few of my old articles to English and upload them here for all to read.

Other publications I worked for include:

Éva Magazine see also

Only one of my Éva articles is available online

I wrote about a variety of topics. From feminism and porn and social issues to “how to” articles on housekeeping and money management etc.

Kultúrpart (Hungarian cultural site) see also – I was an intern there for a month in winter 2009, to learn about online journalism

My main task was to keep the ball rolling with news, but I also wrote articles about cinema.

See here and here

Maxima (it was a weekly glossy for younger people, now it is published every 2 weeks)

For Maxima I mainly wrote reports, features and profiles

Cosmopolitan Hungary

For Cosmo I wrote features, mainly on relationships and psychology

At VITAL TV (a small cable network), I edited/produced a weekly, thirty-minute magazine programme based on the Reuters LIVE! feed (now defunct). It was a human interest programme showing “fun” reports from all over the world. The Reuters feed was different every week it could include anything from a report about the Paris Fashion Week to a village feast in India. VITAL TV is a very small cable television and I the was the sole producer on he programme. I chose the footage, wrote the narration and the presenter text, chose the music. I also oversaw the recording of the narration and the taping of the presenters’ segments; then edited it and put it all together in AVID with an editor.


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